Research – Micro/Nanofluidic BioMEMS Group

Postdoc Wanted – Singapore SMART Center

Interested applicants are invited to to send their full CV/resume, cover letter and list of three references…Read More>>>>>

Antimicrobial Resistance & Micro/nanopore Filtration (Yaoping Liu)

Yaoping has developed an ultra-high-throughput liquid biopsy technique based on a 2.5D mesh of high…Read More>>>

Advanced Micro/nanofluidic System for Continuous Bioprocessing (Taehong Kwon)

High-quality complex biopharmaceutical products based on cells and proteins are transforming modern medicine and advancing treatments for many health conditions…Read More>>>

Postdocs & Graduate Students Wanted – MIT

Han group is currently looking for qualified and enthusiastic graduate research associates (current MIT graduate students)…Read More>>>>

Biological Sample Preparation using Spiral Microfluidics (Kyungyong Choi)

Why does sample preparation matter and How do we aim to do that? For most of biological samples, there exist many und…Read More>>>

Hierarchical Nanofluidics for Molecular Diagnostics (Wei Ouyang) - Micro/Nanofluidic BioMEMS Group

Rapid and reliable detection of ultralow-abundance nucleic acids and proteins in complex biological media may greatly advance clinical diagnostics and biotechnology development. Currently, nucleic…>>>